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Marble Adds Mobile App Management To Mobile Security Platform

Enables companies to set up and manage an app store/catalog for employees and contractors
SUNNYVALE, Calif. – October 29, 2013 – Today Marble Security announced the addition of mobile application management (MAM) to its next generation cloud service platform. By combining MAM with its advanced mobile security management functionality and essential mobile device management (MDM) features, Marble becomes an all-in-one solution that addresses real-world mobile threats to the enterprise.

Marble is defining a new emerging mobile security category, mobile security management, which goes beyond MAM and MDM with advanced features like app scanning, secure browsing and real-time analytics.

"If you look at where the industry stands in mobile and BYOD security, there is a stack of necessary functionality with mobile security management at the top supported by MAM and MDM underneath," said Marble Security Founder and CTO David Jevans. "Marble is filling out our comprehensive mobile security platform. Now we have mobile app management as well as essential mobile device management in our core capabilities. But unlike MAM and MDM, Marble puts security first and addresses BYOD and mobile threats in ways MDM and MAM never did and cannot touch. That uppermost category, what we are calling mobile security management, is the most critical. That message resonates with IT teams that are increasingly aware that MAM and MDM alone do not solve the mobile security problem."

With new mobile security research showing that one in five Internet users has had an account hacked--one in four for young adults--greater BYOD security is an imperative for enterprise network security. (1)

"The hacking risks to individuals are bad enough, but the real problem for IT teams is that these new, tech-savvy 'millennia' users are heavy BYOD and social media users. That 25% with hacked accounts are connecting to corporate networks with their devices too, exposing their employers' networks and data to new mobile attack vectors. MDM and MAM are necessary but not sufficient protection from the threats," said Jevans.

Marble's MAM now enables companies to:

Ø Set up and manage an app store/catalog for employees and contractors

Ø Push apps to mobile devices

Ø Check that versions are up to date

Ø Pull the apps from the device if required

But Marble's greatest value lies in its mobile security management capabilities, like its secure virtual private network (VPN), browser and its app scanning for all of the apps on the mobile device, not just those coming from the corporate app store. Only companies like Marble Security with dedicated security research labs can find those apps that contain malware and protect the end user and their organization.

"If you let people use their own devices, they will put things on there you do not control. Only Marble scans all of the apps on the mobile device and can block users that have downloaded mobile malware from connecting to the network and alert the end user to the problem," said Jevans.

Enterprises are starting to face up to the reality that traditional MDM solutions do not protect their mobile perimeter. At the same time, mobile malware and phishing attacks have more than doubled, increasing the risks of BYOD and mobile access. Marble addresses these problems directly with the mobile security management capabilities in its next generation mobile security platform that includes these elements:

Ø Mobile App Scanning/Device Security features in Marble for Android and iOS devices actively protect against malware and phishing, enforce security policies and create a real-time risk score to control network access

Ø Marble Secure Browser provides an isolated, highly secure, controlled browsing environment on mobile devices

Ø Marble Network is a secure, hosted VPN that isolates users from network attacks like man-in-the-middle, re-directs, poisoned DNS, phishing and wireless eavesdropping

Ø Essential MDM is for organizations that have not yet deployed MDM or are looking to replace their existing MDM solution with a more secure, less expensive, all-in-one solution

Ø Marble Control lets administrators, via the cloud, set and enforce risk-based policies, control mobile security through dashboards and run risk analytics and compliance reports

More information about Marble mobile device security is available at or by calling (408) 737-4300.

(1) "1 in 4 Young Adults Experience Hacked Accounts," a survey written by Marble Security and conducted using Google Consumer Surveys, August, 2013. The poll queried 1532 Internet Users and had an overall Root Mean Square Error of 3.8%.

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Marble Security, Inc., offers a mobile security cloud service that protects against the ever-changing threats unleashed into enterprises by mobile devices. Simple to use and deploy, the Marble cloud service includes patented, adaptive protection to eliminate risks to corporate data, networks and applications. Criminals, competitors and hostile governments target enterprises and end users with an ever more sophisticated array of attacks. The BYOD workforce is particularly at risk. Marble secures mobile workers' access to corporate and public networks and cloud services on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as Macs and Windows PCs, and offers more comprehensive protection than any other solution on the market.