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KoolSpan To Announce 1st Hardware-Based Secure Voice Solution For Androids

TrustCall uses a removable flash memory card with secure digital technology
Bethesda, MD—April 10, 2011 -- KoolSpan Inc., developer of the TrustChip® family of plug-in mobile security solutions, today announced availability of their TrustCall secure voice solution for the Android platform.

TrustCall is a discreet, affordable, easy-to-install secure voice solution and is the first hardware-based solution in mobile security for Android devices. TrustCall uses a removable flash memory card with secure digital technology, called the TrustChip.

With the TrustChip in place, the TrustCall application integrates with the smartphone’s address book and allows users to easily place mutually authenticated and fully encrypted calls. Without user action, the application automatically accesses the TrustChip’s security services and provides a security status when calling another secure smartphone. A compliment to the smartphone’s normal operation, the application is idle when calls are placed to non-secure phones.

TrustCall for Android is based on commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) technology that allows users to continue using their current Android based phone and receive the benefits of a hardware-based security solution.

“While typical mobile security solutions are software-based, the TrustCall application is hardware-based, dramatically reduces the likelihood of a successful attack,” said Bill Supernor, Chief Technology Officer of KoolSpan. “For the growing base of Android users accessing and discussing sensitive information in a mobile environment, TrustCall provides an optimal user experience without a compromise in security.”

KoolSpan’s secure voice solution for Android is vendor and carrier neutral so it can be deployed across all networks and internationally. TrustCall is also available on the Blackberry platform and can enable secure calling between platforms. KoolSpan is currently developing an iPhone solution that will be available by late 2012.

“In the year 2011 alone, Google saw an average of 850,000 new Android activations daily,” added Supernor. “As government agencies and global enterprise customers begin to evaluate “Bring Your Own Device” polices, the need for an Android security solution will be crucial.”

KoolSpan recently announced that a major European telecommunications operator will commercialize its TrustSuite of products including TrustCall. The service will target government agencies, law enforcement organizations, financial services institutions and international businesses.

About KoolSpan:

KoolSpan is a leading innovator of data encryption and security products optimized for the mobile market. Its microSD-based TrustChip® mobile encryption engine is a critical component to mobile security solutions and has been tested and deployed in 40 countries worldwide. TrustChip secured solutions enable the protection of applications, operating systems and mobile devices; are FIPS 140-2 Validated, and deployed by government, enterprise and offered by leading wireless operators to protect sensitive communications. For more information, visit

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