FBI Vs. Apple: Privacy Syllabus

Some of the very best articles, blogs, and other opinions on the issue of government meddling in encryption technology.
 Rich Mogul, Analyst and CEO for Securosis
 Jonathan Zdarski, forensic scientist, iPhone hacker and O'Reily author
 Dave Kennedy, CEO of TrustedSec
 Scott Shackford, Associate Editor of Reason Magazine
 Troy Hunt, security author and Microsoft MVP for developer security
 Albert Gidari, Director of Privacy for The Center for Internet and Society
 Source Material
 Manhattan DA Already Looking For Other Devices

Looking to get caught up on the latest security industry sentiment on the battle between the FBI and Apple over iOS encryption? Dark Reading has simplified the process for you. We've pored through the hornet's nest of public opinion on the issue and cherry-picked some of the very best op-eds and media interviews in this handy reading list. We've also provided a few important source documents for those trying to get more than a surface level understanding of the issues.

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