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Dark Reading Launches New Mobile Security Tech Center

Subsite will focus on news and analysis of mobile, portable, and wireless network security issues
This week Dark Reading launches a new feature: the Mobile Security Tech Center, a subsite of Dark Reading devoted to bringing you more detailed news, insight, and in-depth reporting on security issues as they relate to portable, mobile, and wireless devices and networks.

This is the eleventh of our Dark Reading Tech Centers, which are designed to provide you with a more focused view of specific issues, threats, and technologies in the world of IT security. The Tech Centers offer in-depth reports and studies, breaking news, and links to additional articles and information not found on the main Dark Reading site. Just as a traditional newspaper offers in-depth sections or supplements on sports, entertainment, or politics, the Dark Reading Tech Centers provide an additional range of news and information for readers who have an interest in specific aspects of IT security.

While Dark Reading has been covering mobile and wireless security issues for more than five years, we are excited to have a special place in which to explore the emerging issues surrounding mobile devices and the "consumerization" of the enterprise IT environment. With the introduction of the Mobile Security Tech Center, we will have the space and resources to report more deeply on the threats and solutions surrounding portable devices and networks. The goal of the Mobile Security Tech Center is to help security professionals understand how they can build effective defenses that protect corporate data that may pass through these devices.

With this charter in mind, you can expect the Mobile Security Tech Center to take a slightly different perspective than the rest of the Dark Reading site; it will offer more comprehensive coverage of mobile malware, portable device security technology, new vulnerabilities in mobile devices, and breaches caused by portable applications, hardware, and networks.

The Mobile Security Tech Center will provide you with the latest information on mobile and wireless threats, whether they affect smartphones, tablet computers, notebooks, laptops, or portable storage devices. The Tech Center will give you details on what these new threats look like, and how you can defend against them.

Of course, the creation of the Mobile Security Tech Center doesn't mean that our coverage of standards-related security topics on the main Dark Reading site will decrease. You'll continue to see news and analysis of all new developments in mobile security, and these topics will remain a topic of discussion for our bloggers and comments sections. But when you click on those stories or blogs, you'll be brought here, to the Tech Center, so that you can see the full range and depth of analysis that we offer on the topic, and gain additional context to support what you're reading.

We think the Mobile Security Tech Center will help you understand the security challenges that your organization may face, and make good decisions about the tools and practices that might work best. But in the end, this is your site. Please let us know what you think of the Tech Center, our coverage of mobile threats and technologies, and what you'd like to see us cover in more depth. We can't guarantee we'll answer every query with a story or in-depth report, but we'll do our best to meet your needs for additional information and analysis.

If it has to do with security and mobile, portable, or wireless technology, you'll find it here. And if you don't, let us know – our goal is to be the most comprehensive source of mobile security news and information on the Web.

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