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PITTSBURGH – April 22, 2015 – Certes Networks, a leading innovator in security solutions to protect networked applications, today announced CryptoFlow Mobile’s security app is available on the App Store.

Certes’ CryptoFlow Solutions permit enterprise security managers and IT managers to safely extend any enterprise application to any authorized user over any network.

CryptoFlows dramatically simplify how networked applications are protected and accessed, permitting automatic role-based user access to sensitive applications while blocking the number one attack vector in recent major data breaches.

CryptoFlows now support the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. The CryptoFlow automatic configuration app on the App Store enables enterprises to roll out safe applications to mobile employees including those using personal devices in a BYOD setting.

Using CryptoFlows for iPhone, iPad or iPad mini first requires an enterprise to deploy CryptoFlow Solutions from Certes Networks. To extend enterprise applications to these Apple devices, users simply download the CryptoFlow app to conduct a one-time registration of their device with the corporate CryptoFlow Solutions installation.  From then on, protected access to enterprise applications is automatic, requiring no user configuration to remain secure.

CryptoFlows are application-aware and enable IT managers to designate specific applications to be extended to users while tightly controlled how applications are accessed with a single point of control. The solutions are user-aware because they are automatically synced with the enterprise directory. User access to apps is based on each user’s role and security profile. Users can enroll their device with the same corporate credentials they use for enterprise applications.

Traditional per-application VPNs rely on device software to enforce which applications get access to the VPN and then to corporate networks. Then the user of that device has full access past the firewalled perimeter, a situation that has led to the highest profile and most damaging data breaches of recent years.

In contrast, CryptoFlows enforce the user-application access at CryptoFlow enforcement points in the enterprise network and don't rely on client side validation. The enterprise security managers and IT managers control all access, algorithms, keys and other parameters for all users from one central point.

By aligning mobile application access with the role-based security profile, enterprises keep hackers from gaining access to sensitive enterprise data. Sensitive applications are safe even if hackers get past firewalls or other security controls. This blocks the number one attack vector that has caused massive data breaches around the world in the last two years.

Benefits of CryptoFlows include:

·         Simple enforceable security for any enterprise application to user end-points, with one central point of control.

·         Automatic configuration and VPN activation. No chance for user error or end-runs around security.

·         No reliance on third-party app security that contains vulnerabilities and is out of the enterprise’s control.

·         Strong encryption of all data traffic completely independent of the firewalls and network devices, resulting in security without performance degradation.

·         Faster and broader rollout of new enterprise applications because of simpler, one-and-done security of data traffic.

·         Reduced temptation for users to turn to “Shadow IT” because authorized, secure applications are available and accessible earlier.

Learn more at or visit Certes in Booth S2816 at RSA 2015.

About Certes Networks

Certes Networks protects data in motion. The company’s award-winning CryptoFlowSolutions safeguard data traffic in physical, virtual and Cloud environments, enabling secure connectivity over any infrastructure without compromising network device or application performance. Companies around the world rely on network encryption products from Certes Networks to protect data, accelerate application deployment, simplify network projects, reduce compliance costs, and improve the return on investment in IT infrastructure. For more information, visit

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