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Name that Toon: Risky Business
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User Rank: Strategist
10/18/2018 | 11:10:42 PM
Windows 10 - Cortana
"After the Windows 10 Migration, I guess 'Cortana' didn't like what Stan was asking her for, or the tone-of-voice he was using with her."
User Rank: Strategist
10/18/2018 | 10:43:35 PM
Robert's Ergotron
"Hmmm... Robert's Ergotron Standing Desk doesn't get here for another two weeks!"
User Rank: Strategist
10/18/2018 | 10:26:11 PM
Too Many Failed Password Attempts
"Too many failed password attempts and the Windows Server locked his account and hung him out to dry...!"
User Rank: Strategist
10/18/2018 | 10:21:35 PM
IT Cert Circus
"Tom got most of his IT Certs after graduating from Clown College and a failed attempt at running away with The Circus."
User Rank: Apprentice
10/17/2018 | 4:10:34 PM
Name That Toon
This looked WAY easier when Tom Cruise did it in Mission Impossible!
User Rank: Ninja
10/17/2018 | 3:08:31 PM
Re: Here is one for a venti!
Paul realized the new corporate policy about not accepting a Varidesk had consequences.
User Rank: Apprentice
10/16/2018 | 8:20:57 PM
Here is one for a venti!
Sally, Have you started preparing for the annual security awareness training?
User Rank: Apprentice
10/15/2018 | 11:48:19 AM
Re: Put your thinking cap on! We have new cartoon caption contest!
Some people never learn, he clicked on another Democrat phishing link again!
User Rank: Strategist
10/12/2018 | 6:01:18 PM
Re: Put your thinking cap on! We have new cartoon caption contest!
John has always been trying creative ways to solve the pebcak issue...
User Rank: Strategist
10/12/2018 | 5:59:18 PM
Re: Put your thinking cap on! We have new cartoon caption contest!
Looks like John got caught by one of those Nigerian princes
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PUBLISHED: 2022-11-29
Apache Fineract allowed an authenticated user to perform remote code execution due to a path traversal vulnerability in a file upload component of Apache Fineract, allowing an attacker to run remote code. This issue affects Apache Fineract version 1.8.0 and prior versions. We recommend users to upgr...
PUBLISHED: 2022-11-29
Prometheus Exporter Toolkit is a utility package to build exporters. Prior to versions 0.7.2 and 0.8.2, i someone has access to a Prometheus web.yml file and users' bcrypted passwords, they can bypass security by poisoning the built-in authentication cache. Versions 0.7.2 and 0.8.2 contain a fix for...
PUBLISHED: 2022-11-29
The blog-post creation functionality in the Amasty Blog Pro 2.10.3 plugin for Magento 2 allows injection of JavaScript code in the short_content and full_content fields, leading to XSS attacks against admin panel users via posts/preview or posts/save.
PUBLISHED: 2022-11-29
A vulnerability, which was classified as problematic, was found in GPAC 2.1-DEV-rev490-g68064e101-master. Affected is the function lsr_translate_coords of the file laser/lsr_dec.c. The manipulation leads to integer overflow. It is possible to launch the attack remotely. The exploit has been disclose...