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Clinton Campaign Tested Staffers With Fake Phishing Emails
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User Rank: Apprentice
2/21/2017 | 3:45:12 PM
Re: What a Surprise!
I'm not surprised. The fastest way to get someone to do something, especially an exec, is to tell the person not to do it. 
User Rank: Apprentice
2/21/2017 | 3:29:26 PM
Re: What a Surprise!
I'd like to know that as well. How effective is it to run these tests if it's not rolled out across the entire organization?
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli,
User Rank: Ninja
2/20/2017 | 5:30:13 AM
Re: What a Surprise!
@Terry: I'm aware of at least one situation in which fake phishing emails were sent within a major organization explicitly warning users "DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK" and explaining that it was an example of a phishing email.

10% of the users still clicked -- including one C-suiter.

The C-suiter's justification for clicking?  "I wanted to see what would happen."
User Rank: Author
2/17/2017 | 10:48:51 AM
Re: What a Surprise!
Good article, thanks. I'm convinced that it's the combination of simulated phishing, relevant training, and persistent reinforcement that is the key to building up human capacity. It sounds like this group did it right. 
T Sweeney
T Sweeney,
User Rank: Moderator
2/16/2017 | 1:44:01 PM
Re: What a Surprise!
I understand wanting to protect the egos of execs, but at the expense of the organization's security?

Is the assumption, then, that your execs open all their email (unlikely) and click on all links (very unlikely)?

Separately, I'd love to know how common this practice is of sending fake phishing emails to test training effectiveness, and what other conditions get used in the exercise.
User Rank: Ninja
2/16/2017 | 11:55:42 AM
Re: What a Surprise!
If the practice really does have management support, then senior managers won't be exempted.  If John Podesta was exempted, I'm sure he regrets it now.
User Rank: Strategist
2/16/2017 | 9:35:32 AM
What a Surprise!
We test too. Naturally we are not allowed to send our test phish upstream in the coproration as it would be embarassing for the executives to get caught.  I wonder if Podesta as also skipped on the tests.

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