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Hackers Claim Wall Street Resume Leak
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User Rank: Apprentice
7/25/2012 | 6:01:31 PM
re: Hackers Claim Wall Street Resume Leak
This goes back to what I said when the Occupy movement started and was chapter one in my 35 part series on the Attack of the Killer Algorithms as being the root behind the entire movement and that's what made it hard for folks to identify their purpose and granted many of the Occupy folks themselves didn't understand what is at the root of all of this but all know something is not right when being denied jobs, healthcare, you name it as we have algorithms running on servers 24/7 making life impacting decisions about all of us and some of that stuff is getting pretty flawed out there with algos for profit. Heck I even had a couple of the demonstrators email and ask me to explain it along with a couple editors from a couple major news sites as they didn't get it either, but that's what it is.

You have total frustration when a machine makes a decision and you can't even find a human to fix it when there are errors. People don't get jobs due to flawed data to where errors are made and on top of that the credit folks don't pay the states timely for their data mining bots and it may be 6 months or longer before the whole daily chain is fixed. In the mean, no help for the consumer even after they have chased all the data for errors and had it fixed, they still have to wait...so this is the root of the cause and I wrote another post called "Algo Duping" society and consumers with spun data so it's all out there. Here's the links to the 35 chapters and I have portion of my site that has a couple excellent videos that help explain this too if you scroll down. I'm all about educating the consumer and explaining how this stuff happens and to stop all the flawed data out there being spun and then accepted as gospel.

User Rank: Ninja
7/19/2012 | 6:18:15 PM
re: Hackers Claim Wall Street Resume Leak
I would have to say that they targeted the wrong individuals. Masakaki is attacking job seekers, just because they are applying for a position on Wall StGǪCGmon really. These are individuals who most likely are already unemployed and in debt hence posting resumes on a Wall St. job board looking for a better job! I am not one to pick and choose who is bad and who is good, I just call them like I see them and this stinks! I am definitely not the one to determine what is right and wrong either just expressing how I feel!

Masakaki has gotten it wrong, you want to hurt Wall St, donGt go after their potential hires who have no influence regarding Wall St., go after someone who has authority and by you exploiting them hopefully change will occur. I do not see a point in targeting potential employees. Trade resumes on the Black market? Is the job market that bad where I have to buy a bootleg resume from the black market? I ask this what well did this act do for their cause and where the results what they expected?

Paul Sprague
InformationWeek Contributor

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