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The Youthful Side Of Hacking
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User Rank: Apprentice
6/17/2016 | 4:00:04 AM
Re: Interesting
One of the best inspiration is maybe to watch the new serie Mr Robot.

Now it could be cool to be an hacker, so maybe James Dean should love to be cool in this days ;)
User Rank: Ninja
11/28/2015 | 9:23:54 PM
Re: Interesting
IoT has made so many devices accessible as well as exploitable. It's amazing to see how it is influencing lives from smart phones to home automation. But security needs to be at the forefront of the SDLC...This does not seem to be the case in a lot of instances.
User Rank: Ninja
11/27/2015 | 10:48:39 AM
Re: Interesting
Agree, fixing is less of an issue anymore, it is just recycle oriented world.
User Rank: Ninja
11/27/2015 | 10:45:59 AM
Re: Interesting
I would think, hacking would be more intuitionalize simple because we know that countries have each other so there will be lots of money would be spent in the hacking sector in the future.
User Rank: Ninja
11/27/2015 | 10:39:12 AM
Re: Interesting
I would agree, hacking is becoming a way of living, a life style.
User Rank: Ninja
11/27/2015 | 10:37:58 AM
Re: Interesting
Agree. IoT is like a heaven for hackers, their play ground will be extended dramatically so more fun.
User Rank: Ninja
11/27/2015 | 10:35:41 AM
Hacking; fun and exciting

Lots of young people who are in IT want to know how to hack simply because it is fun and exciting. So no wonder there why we see too many young age people who are into it. The other reason there are vast amount of tool to try different hacking strategies and tactics, that gives additional incentives for hackers.
User Rank: Ninja
11/26/2015 | 7:53:36 AM
Re: Interesting
That's an interesting idea, though I have read others with the opposite of opinions. The ease of use with which new generations of children will have with their technology, apps rather than programs, touch-screens versus controller and mouse/keyboard input, will lead to less tinkering and less inquisitive behaviour - as they will rarely have to fix anything. 

In comparison, 80s and 90s  computer users were forced to spend plenty of time fixing and fiddling to make things work. 

It won't be black and white, but there's a fair argument to suggest that we may have fewer numbers of homegrown hackers in the future.
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli,
User Rank: Ninja
11/25/2015 | 11:15:17 PM
Just a simple point of information: Lessig is out of the race as of around the start of this month.

One can always throw their support behind John McAfee...
User Rank: Author
11/25/2015 | 12:26:22 PM
Re: Interesting
That can be a factor, too. Security and hacking (in the "making" or "tinkering" sense of the word) has always been sexy. It is now that more and more of our lives go digital that actually becoming an expert in it and making a living out of it is becoming accessible for more and more people. 
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