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OPM: Personal Info On 21.5 Million People Exposed In Hack
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Jon M. Kelley
Jon M. Kelley,
User Rank: Moderator
7/24/2015 | 9:22:42 PM
Re: Worriesome and astonishing: OPM can't count
Per OPM press release 19.7 milloin security applications were copied, but those applicants only had 1.8 million dependents. Even if OPM is only counting dependents that were required to list SSNs (e.g. spouses, ex-spouses, cohabitants, et cetera), that means that significantly less than 9% of the applicants were EVER married!  Since the clearance is refreshed every ~5 years, and ex's are never dropped from the form it becomes clear that people with clearances don't breed.
Kelly Jackson Higgins
Kelly Jackson Higgins,
User Rank: Strategist
7/17/2015 | 9:08:06 AM
Re: Attacker
Absolutely, @xmarksthespot. This is an intelligence nightmare with so many potential ramifications. 
User Rank: Strategist
7/17/2015 | 12:11:07 AM
Re: Attacker
I was thinking, another way this information can be used: easier infiltration.  Simply verifying the identification of a person is a primary purpose of the background check.  They want to be certain that person is who they say they are.   If someone was to reapply for a security clearance and they provide information about their history that is even slightly different, big red flags go up.   This database, if acquired by another country, can be used to develop an exact duplicate of a person's assumed legitimate history to submit during application for a national security position, and they could build it out from there.

Kelly Jackson Higgins
Kelly Jackson Higgins,
User Rank: Strategist
7/14/2015 | 4:58:03 PM
Re: Attacker
Well, security researchers and others are pointing at China. This is pure intel hacking, and devastating in its scope and exposure. 
User Rank: Ninja
7/14/2015 | 3:48:59 PM
Re: There should be a solution.
Better make storage online secure. All we need to focus on confidentiality, integrity and availability and apply that to different layers. Why would anybody be able to acce4ss this much information at any given time? There is no real reason.
User Rank: Ninja
7/14/2015 | 3:46:37 PM
Re: Lost war
I would say lost. Why wouldn't I? this amount of information with this sensitivity should have not been compromised. Not from US. 
User Rank: Ninja
7/14/2015 | 3:44:26 PM
Re: Lost war
Americans lost. US Government may still be getting what they need to get, we just do not hear it, and obviously they are not protecting the data well enough.
User Rank: Ninja
7/14/2015 | 3:42:15 PM
Should we expect any lawsuit against government anytime soon? If this was happening to a private company the government will be all over it. Very surprising that this much sensitive information could be compromised at a given time.
User Rank: Strategist
7/14/2015 | 3:06:33 PM
Worriesome and astonishing

The extent of the records stolen is astonishing and worrisome. Over 21 million people exposed, or around 7-8% of the U.S. population, have had personally identifiable information compromised in the attacks.

Although usernames and passwords can be changed, and compromised cards replaced, victims of a breach need to understand that every bit of information exposed is important. Fraudsters are learning that information coupled from various breaches can create more comprehensive 'identity bundles' which sell for a higher value to hackers.

With more complete information, more fraud can take place. As an example, if I'm a hacker and gain access to geographical data on John Smith from breach one, and bank account information from breach two, I can fill out a loan application or apply for a new credit card as John regularly would. 

Fortunately, user behavior analytics can provide victims of this and other breaches with an extra layer of protection even after the hack has occurred. Online fraud detection solutions can stop fraudsters in their tracks by identifying suspicious activity, in a completely passive and unintrusive way. This is accomplished by understanding how a legitimate user truly behaves in contrast to a potential fraudster with legitimate information.

Without even interrupting a user's experience, fraud can be predicted and prevented from occurring.

User Rank: Apprentice
7/11/2015 | 4:35:09 AM
There should be a solution.
Hopefully someone will soon come up with a solution that enables us to stores the biometric data offline and use them online but does not force us to carry around the device that stores the sensitive data.
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