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Newly Discovered 'Master' Cyber Espionage Group Trumps Stuxnet
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Kelly Jackson Higgins
Kelly Jackson Higgins,
User Rank: Strategist
2/19/2015 | 4:24:32 PM
Re: Newly Discovered Master Cyber Espionage Group . . .
It's definitely not tough to guess who's behind it, but Kaspersky's not gonna say it out loud publicly.
kill -9
kill -9,
User Rank: Apprentice
2/18/2015 | 10:59:36 PM
Newly Discovered Master Cyber Espionage Group . . .
If one has been following the APT drama over the past several years and if one has read what Kaspersky has made available on the interwebs, it's all but impossible to ignore the trail of breadcrumbs that lead to 39°6′32″N 76°46′17″W. Even eWeek sussed it out . . .
User Rank: Strategist
2/17/2015 | 5:09:13 PM
Equation Group's Apparent Allegiance
Given that this Equation group is astonishingly effective, aren't you a bit relieved that they are most likely run by an agency in the U.S. goverment and not run by China or Russia?! To borrow from something LBJ once said about J. Edgar Hoover (and to clean it up a bit), it is better that they are in the tent shooting out, rather than outside shooting in.
User Rank: Apprentice
2/17/2015 | 11:53:15 AM
Re: Not that hard after all.
Yup, I remember debugging the old WD controller cards manually and it wouldn't take years to master anything about it, especially if you had the source code and didn't have to decompile anything.

Noobs,  Sheesh!
User Rank: Ninja
2/17/2015 | 11:14:00 AM
Not that hard after all.
"This is what makes this group gods among APT actors. We have never seen anything close to this," Kamluk says. Knowing how to reprogram a hard drive would entail gathering intelligence from each vendor, which is no simple feat, he says. "Then it would take a very skilled programmer many months or years to master this."


Please..... Anyone who has programmed back in the 80's knows this is not true.

We used to have to write routines direct for hardware.

It's not that hard.
User Rank: Ninja
2/17/2015 | 11:12:32 AM
Re: Newly Discovered 'Master' Cyber Espionage Group Trumps Stuxnet
Sure thing. It's quite remarkable to be linked from (ISC)², an industry and world renowned institution for IT Security.
Marilyn Cohodas
Marilyn Cohodas,
User Rank: Strategist
2/17/2015 | 11:09:01 AM
Re: Newly Discovered 'Master' Cyber Espionage Group Trumps Stuxnet
I don't think I picked up on that. So many thanks for sharing!
User Rank: Ninja
2/17/2015 | 11:05:49 AM
Re: Newly Discovered 'Master' Cyber Espionage Group Trumps Stuxnet
@Marilyn: I'm sure you are aware of this, but for the benefit of the readers, (ISC)² has a link to that series, and other Dark Reading articles in their "Latest Industry News" section.
Marilyn Cohodas
Marilyn Cohodas,
User Rank: Strategist
2/17/2015 | 10:32:25 AM
Re: Newly Discovered 'Master' Cyber Espionage Group Trumps Stuxnet
Your comments are always worth reading, @Gonz. Glad you are enjoying the series. It does add a lot of contest to the headlines... 
User Rank: Ninja
2/17/2015 | 10:29:36 AM
Re: Newly Discovered 'Master' Cyber Espionage Group Trumps Stuxnet
@Marilyn: Yes they have, and it really isn't a surprise! I have been following that series. They are quite interesting and thought provoking, and I've even commented a few times, for whatever that's worth.
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