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FBI Director Says 'Sloppy' North Korean Hackers Gave Themselves Away
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User Rank: Ninja
1/8/2015 | 10:15:19 AM
maybe. maybe not:
A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth. --Albert Einstein
User Rank: Ninja
1/8/2015 | 9:54:51 AM
Re: Sony , B-Movies and $ 2 bins
"..That's the thing about free speech. You don't have to like what someone says. But they do have the right to say it..."


@Marilyn Cohodas     Yes this is true.   But is there such a thing as responsible free speech ?   I think so, and I would expect leaders of industry to consider and practice this as well.  
Marilyn Cohodas
Marilyn Cohodas,
User Rank: Strategist
1/8/2015 | 9:43:02 AM
Re: Sony , B-Movies and $ 2 bins
"Aggressive propaganda" is an interesting way to describe how North Korea might perceive the movie. Though I wouldn't credit Seth Rogan & company with a political agenda.. just making a silly movie that apparently did pretty well in the (home) box office, in spite of the threats. That's the thing about free speech. You don't have to like what someone says. But they do have the right to say it...
User Rank: Apprentice
1/8/2015 | 9:17:46 AM
Re: Sony , B-Movies and $ 2 bins
I don't think any national government would be happy with a production about murdering their current sitting leader.  It is not funny.  Not a good joke at all.  It would not be surprising if the agrieved country would take the production to be aggressive propaganda. 
User Rank: Ninja
1/8/2015 | 9:17:26 AM
Even the benefit of doubt
Sure why not just throw out that the uber hackers were careless.

Or that sony was careless.

Just don't talk about REGIN anymore and they will be happy
User Rank: Ninja
1/7/2015 | 7:35:56 PM
So Now What ?

Ok now that we have confirmed it was N. Korea - Now what ?   I have heard sanctions ...etc.   What real  difference is that going to make ?   Were we not doing business with them already ?  


I am hearing everything but what Sony is doing to clean house.   Oh I guess it is kind of hard to update the public while email is still down.

User Rank: Ninja
1/7/2015 | 7:24:13 PM
Sony , B-Movies and $ 2 bins

"...The Interview, the new Sony comedy about assassinating Kim Jong-Un, Clapper said he watched it over the weekend "and it's obvious to me that North Koreans don't have a sense of humor."


I am not sure how to take this statement.   Is this tongue and cheek ?  Flippant ?   Or just bad form ?    Either way  the comment does nothing to address the real issues here.   Whether you agree with Kim or not - that is not the point.   The movie was unnecessary and bad form - which is what Sony apparently does best.   You mean to tell me Sony executives could not find a better way to spend 50 M  ?   Who am I kidding ?   Of course not, they are Sony execs after all. 


That ridiculous given aside, I really don't think we should be wasting anymore taxpayer dollars on worrying about the N.Koreans in terms of Sony.   If they(Sony) want to produce completely disrespectful product ( in the name of freedom of Speech ) which is no better than a B-Movie comedy destine for the $2 bin.  

Don't expect tax dollars to clean up the mess  they make.   

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