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Breached Retailers Harden PoS, For Now
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User Rank: Ninja
9/29/2014 | 8:13:49 AM
Re: Please people - EMV is not a silver bullet
AAPL is taking this 1 step further in the right direction with Apple Pay: the phone does not transmit the customer's accont number to the merchant.    EMV still does, although it also requires a 1-time use authorization code,-- which -- theoretically -- you need the original card to generate.

you can't steal what isn't there -- and thus Apple's aporoach is and even better step

the underlying problem remains though

we keep attacking encryption and passwords when the actual problem is AUTHENTICATION particularly of softwtwware updates.

by this time we all know: if your phone is hacked -- the hacker will likely have access to your payments mechanism -- if you have one on a "smart" phone

sometimes i wonder just how "smart" these gadgets are...
User Rank: Moderator
9/26/2014 | 1:56:17 PM
Re: Please people - EMV is not a silver bullet
We here in Canada are huge proponents of Chip and PIN technology, mostly because in the grand scheme of things we are pretty much a heavy electronic currency-based country. But to see that many retailers do not use encryption on their POS is so mind baffling to me.  The problem is that while so many organizations are still scratching their heads around PCI, they forget that one of the biggest baby steps to start with is to encrypt their sensitive information, primarily card information.  I think the industry could do more to really push retailers to comply and educate them on the importance of encryption, especially at the POS level.
Kelly Jackson Higgins
Kelly Jackson Higgins,
User Rank: Strategist
9/26/2014 | 12:48:17 PM
Re: Please people - EMV is not a silver bullet
Good points, @hhendrickson274. EMV is definitely not a silver bullet. But the data does show that it's much better than our existing payment card technology at least at the point of sale. 
User Rank: Strategist
9/26/2014 | 12:45:03 PM
Please people - EMV is not a silver bullet
I take serious excetion to the comment in the story about EMV (chip-n-pin) making stolen card data worthless.  EMV doesn't work on the Internet, so all Internet transactions will still be "card not present" transactions.  So the number and CVV will still be very valuable for Internet based fraud.  That and EMV implementation have already proven to be far from secure.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for EMV adoption in the US, but as long as the press and the analyst pundits keep telling everying that EMV will solve all the ills of POS (in)security, they are doing a major disservice to us all, especially those in retail that are trying hard to secure their environments from compromise.
Marilyn Cohodas
Marilyn Cohodas,
User Rank: Strategist
9/26/2014 | 11:15:56 AM
Re: PoS-Negative Reinforcement
Good question, Ryan. They are definitely not going to get anywhere by "waiting for someone to knock on their door" and tell them they've been breached," as Seculert's Aviv Raff noted in the story.


User Rank: Ninja
9/26/2014 | 9:35:00 AM
Re: PoS-Negative Reinforcement
Very true. Are there methods by which smaller organizations can effectively discover there network health at low cost? Maybe a baseline analyzer for the PoS systems.
Kelly Jackson Higgins
Kelly Jackson Higgins,
User Rank: Strategist
9/26/2014 | 9:16:14 AM
Re: PoS-Negative Reinforcement
I am sure there are plenty more breached retailers in the pipeline who we will be hearing from. But what's more scary are the smaller ones who have no clue and may never find out.
User Rank: Ninja
9/26/2014 | 8:53:07 AM
PoS-Negative Reinforcement
Its good to hear that retailers are starting to take these breaches seriously. It is unfortunate that most are the result of negative reinforcement. If these breaches had not happened would many of these companies be pushing for stricter security standards? If the stove never burns you why not touch it?

A positive from this is that retailers that have not been breached are starting to increase their security measures and more organizations need to follow suit. Like the saying goes, a smart person learns from his or her own mistakes but a brilliant one learns from others.

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