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Cyberattack Strikes Global Copper Conglomerate

Now mostly recovered, Aurubis said the breach was part of a broader campaign against the metals and mining industry.

Aurubis, a recycler and provider of copper across the world, has assured its customers that an Oct. 28 cyberattack did not stop production, but it did take down the entire company's systems for a time. 

The company has a presence in 20 countries and employs about 6,900 people, according to the Aurubis corporate site. 

As a preventative measure, Aurubis said in a statement, it disconnected its entire IT operations, but smelter sites across Europe and production facilities, including one in Buffalo, NY, maintained operations. Meanwhile, local news station WGRZ in Buffalo reported layoffs at the Aurubis plant in the area following the breach. 

Meanwhile, back at headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, teams are working with authorities to investigate the attack.

"This was apparently part of a larger attack on the metals and mining industry," the company's update on the cyberattack explained. "The primary goal is to keep production and the procurement of raw materials as well as the delivery of metals and products running."