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Solear Donates Network Forensics Appliances To Colleges, Universities, Training Organizations

Company donates network forensics appliances to cyberdefense training programs
SALT LAKE CITY, UT – MAY 26, 2010 – Solera Networks, a leader in network forensics products and services today announced their “Donate and Defend” program to provide their award-winning network forensics technology to education institutions with dedicated cyber security training programs. Colleges, universities, and other training organizations may license the Solera DS Virtual Network Forensics Appliance free of charge to train professionals and fill the fast-growing demand for cyber security and network forensics experts.

“Today’s attackers are finding ways around traditional security protections and are penetrating even the most recognizable government agency and enterprise networks,” said Casey O’Brien, Director of CyberWatch, a consortium of 50+ colleges and universities devoted to information assurance and cyber security training. “A new, highly-skilled cyber defender is needed, one that can react quickly with the right set of skills and tools to identify previously unknown threats and to prevent ongoing exposure and risk. Solera Networks is a great example of a cutting-edge technology company that understands the need to support the development of the next generation of cyber warriors.”

Network forensics has become a key weapon in the cyber security arsenal of both military and enterprise security professionals, enabling rapid response to any security event. Acting like a camera in a bank, when a cyber attack occurs, network forensics solutions provide a complete record of all network activity to help determine the point of entry for the breach, what was affected, what data was compromised and the party that was responsible — even in real-time. Solera Networks supports cyber defense training exercises, such as the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC). The Donate and Defend program further extends that support to educate and train new network forensics professionals.

“Securing critical enterprise trade secrets and national security information requires swift, intelligent response,” said Steve Shillingford, President and CEO of Solera Networks. “Cyber attacks not only threaten our national interests, they also have a huge economic impact. We have to prepare and train future professionals in order to respond swiftly and appropriately as new threats emerge. We are happy to play a role in assisting with this education.”

Program Details:

Solera Networks will donate its Solera DS Virtual Network Forensics Appliance (a $10,000 value) to any education or training institution that offers dedicated network forensics curriculum and cyber security training courses. Solera DS forensics appliances and the Solera DeepSee Forensics Suite provide unique capabilities to better train cyber defenders, including:

* Full recording and replay of all network activity – See every event that transpires on the network and replay events for ongoing “what if” analysis. * Integration with popular networking security tools – Provides context to other security tools, helping answer questions like: “What triggered this security alert?”, “What were the attackers doing before and after the alert?” and, “Were there previous instances of this same event?” * Easy deployment into any network environment – Virtual and physical deployment options allow for simple deployment, even in the most complex networks. Scalable storage options allow recording of days, weeks, or month’s worth of network activity.

Any educational institution interested in using these network forensics appliances may contact Solera Networks for program specifics. Visit for more details.