Security Gets Social: 10 of Dark Reading's Most Shared Stories

We scared up our most popular stories on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
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10 Time-Consuming Tasks Security People Hate
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One-Third of Businesses Hit with Malware-less Threats

When you want to spread interesting content around the Internet, where do you share? Based on our numbers, it looks like you're most active on LinkedIn - but Facebook is a close second. And if you don't use Google Plus, you're not alone. Not many people do.

We pulled data from the last three months to get a better sense of which Dark Reading stories are most frequently shared online and which social platforms are most commonly used among our readers. What we found were some exciting nuggets of data about how often stories are published, and an interesting throwback to news reports from this summer and fall.

Some of the most commonly shared articles related to topics keeping CISOs awake at night: malware-less attacks, the skills gap, insider threats, and data breaches. Some related to major cyberattacks from this year. One included parallels between cybersecurity and Game of Thrones.

Here, we share some of our social data with you. These ten articles were the most frequently shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn during the months of August, September, and October 2017.


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