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Oracle Retires Java Browser Plug-In

Move in response to the 'plug-in free Web' trend.

It's official: the plug-in is on its way out. Oracle -- under pressure from moves by Google and other browser makers to remove plug-in support -- now plans to eliminate the Java browser plug-in.

"With modern browser vendors working to restrict and reduce plugin support in their products, developers of applications that rely on the Java browser plugin need to consider alternative options such as migrating from Java Applets (which rely on a browser plugin) to the plugin-free Java Web Start technology," Oracle wrote in a blog post announcing the move.

The Java browser plug-in will be dead as of JDK 9. "This technology will be removed from the Oracle JDK and JRE in a future Java SE release," Oracle says.

To read more about Oracle's historic move, see this blog post and this white paper.