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Hackers Steal and Post Unreleased Episodes of Netflix's 'Orange is the New Black'

Netflix got hit with an extortion attempt for upcoming episodes of its popular "Orange Is the New Black" television series.

Netflix became the latest victim of a high-profile hacking extortion attempt, with attackers reportedly releasing ten new upcoming episodes of its hit series "Orange Is the New Black" after the streaming video giant refused to pony up the blackmail fee, according to a report in Fortune.

The hacker/hackers, aka TheDarkOverlord, reportedly breached the network of post-production company Larson Studio, which handles Netflix and other major studios including Fox Broadcasting and ABC. Although the hackers reportedly tried to extort Larson Studios after the December theft, they later went after Netflix, according to a report in

Netflix apparently refused to pay the extortion fee and TheDarkOverlord used Friday and Saturday to post unreleased episodes from season five onto, according to the hacker or hackers' Twitter stream.

And on Monday, TheDarkOverlord hinted at taking action against other studios like Fox, ABC and National Geographic and IFC Films, saying Monday, "It is nearly time to play another round."

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