7 Key Stats that Size Up the Cybercrime Deluge

Updated data on zero-days, IoT threats, cryptomining, and economic costs should keep eyebrows raised in 2018.
11X Increase in Overall Malware Volume
Annual Vulnerabilities Count Up 31%
Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Up 98%
Ransomware Families Up 32%, Total Ransomware Threats Down 41%
88% of All Malicious Payloads in December RCE Attacks Were Cryptomining Malware
It Took 4 Days for 1 IoT Botnet to Increase 53 Timex
Annual Cybercrime Estimates are Nearing $600B

Now that we've got a couple of months from this year in the rearview mirror, security researchers have had enough time to crunch the numbers from 2017. That means a raft of new reports analyzing last year's cybersecurity data with updated telemetry on the threat landscape, economic impact, and defense problems facing the cybersecurity industry.

Here are some of the most illuminating highlights. 

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