10 Shocking New Facts About Ransomware

Ransomware has taken over the cybercriminal world in the last few years and there's no end in sight.
Blame Flash For Recent Ransomware Success
 Malvertising Fuels Ransomware
 Crooks Can Buy It In A SaaS Model
 Ransomware Isn't Only Hitting Windows
 Cloud Drives Aren't Immune
 Porn Apps Disguise Themselves As Ransomware
 Next Ransomware Threat: Public Shaming
 A Ransomware Bribe Equals One Car Payment
 FBI: Pay The Ransom
 Ransomware Makes More Annually Than Security Businesses Sell For


Cyberextortion and blackmail are hardly new things, but cybercriminals have just about perfected their techniques of extracting money from the masses through the use of ransomware.  Businesses and everyday folk all rely on data that rests on their PCs, mobile devices and web servers more and more each day. Maybe not enough to reliably back it up, but certainly enough to go into a blind panic when criminals encrypt their data and dangle the prospect of a decryption key for a fee. The fear is palpable and pervasive enough for the crooks to make a killing off the practice. 

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