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Attack of the Clone: Next-Gen Social Engineering

NeoEYED CTO Tamaghna Basu tells us how he created an AI bot to mimic him, how it could be used in social engineering attacks, and what the experience taught him about the value of true human connections.

The Dark Reading News Desk spoke to Tamaghna Basu about his Black Hat Virtual session "How I Created My Clone Using AI: Next-Gen Social Engineering." Interview begins at 02:10. Excerpts below:


"Typically, like any other project you do, you test it with friends and family.  ... The first couple of them actually felt I'm typing behind the scene. They didn't realize it was a bot responding. They were even asking 'Is this you, Basu, who is typing behind the scene, and you're just faking that it's a bot?' So that was kind of a sense of satisfaction for me. Makes sense that either the person is really dumb, or the AI is really smart. There's only two kinds of decisions I can make."

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