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What Worries Security Teams About the Cloud?

What issues are cybersecurity professionals concerned about in 2022? You tell us!

As many enterprises shift their operations to cloud, security teams are grappling with multiple security concerns such as visibility, data security, compliance, and data breaches.

Data from Dark Reading's 2021 Strategic Security Survey suggests that security teams are less concerned about deploying security policies, visibility of data stored in the cloud, and the number of exploits targeting cloud service providers than they were in 2020. In contrast, the security professionals in the survey were more concerned in 2021 that cloud service providers would not be able to detect a breach and the fact that there are more cloud breaches being reported than they were in 2020.

What issues are cybersecurity professionals more concerned about in 2022? That's what Dark Reading would like to find out in this year's Strategic Security Survey (click to get to the survey).

Last year's report showed that enterprises are no longer as worried that cloud service providers won't be able to provide service-level guarantees of security. That's a good thing. Fewer people are still thinking that the cloud isn't safe. But the growing number of cloud breaches do have these enterprises concerned about how the service provider will work with them if there is an incident.

Dark Reading's 2022 Strategic Security Survey is still open — we welcome your insights.