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Phishing, Viruses Continue to Dominate the Malware Landscape

Despite concerns over widely publicized ransomware and supply chain attacks, most enterprises report that phishing attacks and viruses are the most common threats they face.
While names like Kaseya and Colonial Pipeline remain the most prominent headlines in cybersecurity, it's the more common attacks that continue to challenge security operations teams. According to Dark Reading’s most recent survey, The State of Malware Threats, 59% of enterprises detect phishing attacks frequently or very frequently; 45% said the same about common viruses.

Other types of attacks are less common: Twenty-five percent said they frequently encounter business email compromise (BEC), while 23% said they frequently detect attacks targeted at a specific application vulnerability. Only 17% of respondents said they detect ransomware attacks frequently, and just 11% said they frequently see malware or other compromises triggered by suppliers or other trading partners.