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InfoSec Pros Uncertain About Relationships With Partner Security Teams

Only half of respondents to a recent Dark Reading study felt confident that their third-party business partners would, at least, tell them if a compromise occurred.


In an interconnected world, incident response is rarely performed in a vacuum. Whether efforts are coordinated with partners, suppliers, customers, or peers, working in concert with other teams can be a huge factor in the success of a particular incident response. In a recent Dark Reading research report we asked cybersecurity professionals how well their IR teams communicated with their partner teams. The results don't indicate catastrophe, but there's still considerable room for improvement.

Just over half of those responding to the survey, 53%, said that they at least communicate with partners if an compromise occurs. Only 10% of professionals said that they have regular communication with partners — the rest leave the communications until there's a likely (or certain) compromise.

That leaves 47% who have no confidence in the effectiveness of their partner communications, particularly when it comes to partners telling them that a compromise has occurred. Aside from the 7% of professionals who are blissfully unaware of the state of partner communications, 40% say that there is some communication — they just worry that it won't be enough to help with the cyber wolves come knocking at their partners' doors.

Download the full research report, The State of Cybersecurity Incident Response, here

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