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After Ransomware, Enterprises Most Worried About Phishing Attacks Post-Pandemic

While two-thirds of enterprises surveyed for Dark Reading and Omdia’s "2021 Enterprise Security in a Post-Pandemic World" report indicated cited ransomware as their top concern, more than half are also worried about new phishing attacks as attackers ramp up their activities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While enterprise security teams have had their hands full battling ransomware attacks, many defenders also worry about new phishing attacks with the easing of pandemic-related restrictions. Enterprise defenders expect attackers will keep hammering away at remote access technologies and vulnerabilities in cloud environments, and they are not confident their defenses are sufficient. In response to Dark Reading and Omdia’s newly published "Enterprise Security in a Post Pandemic World" report, 66% of enterprise security professionals named ransomware as the security-related threat they are most concerned about, followed by 57% who cited phishing. Despite the high-profile nature of nation-state attacks, just 37% of security executives identified advanced persistent threat (APT) as their No. 1 concern. As with ransomware, fears over APT could be driven by recent attacks on VPNs, remote desktop protocol, and other remote access tools over the past year-and-a-half.