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Highlights of the 2022 Pwnie Awards

Since 2007, the Pwnies have celebrated the good, the bad, and the wacky in cybersecurity. Enjoy some of the best moments of this year's ceremony.
Sophia d'Antoine, a woman in a green dress, and Ian Roos, a man in a yellow bucket hat, at a Black Hat USA 2022 podium
Photo of slide that shows the nominees' names, with NSO Group at the top; all names are in article text
Martin Schwartzl, in a t-shirt and glasses, and Pietro Borrello, in a button-down shirt, at BHUSA 2022 podium
Supriya Mazumdar, with medium length black hair and a gray t-shirt, stands at a Black Hat USA 2022 podium
Meme of child smiling at house fire, with text "Added single line into Selinux policy, forgot to remove it"
Still from Dialed Up video, a computer monitor with instructions to find 10 challenges hidden in the track
Hammond Pearce, a blond man wearing a graphic t-shirt with a towel draped over his shoulders, at a BHUSA 2022 podium
Photo of slide that announces the second Pwnie win for Borrelli and team
Photo of the end screen for the Pwnie Awards 2022, with a sliver of audience showing
Photo of 2022 Pwnie Awards splash screen in jaggy retro letters and rainbow zigzags
Photo of slide announcing most underhyped bug winner, IP with IPIP
Photo of the Pwnie Awards statuettes, ice sculptures molded from My Little Pony figures, grouped on a table
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