Cybersecurity In-Depth


In Memoriam: Remembering Those Who Passed

Security stands on the shoulders of giants. We take a moment to remember their contributions toward keeping people, data, and systems safe.
A bouquet of yellow flowers tied to the side of a park bench in a memorial.
A close up of Vitali Kremez, who is wearing a dark suit and a tie.
A headshot of Paul Brager, sitting down in a gray suit and tie.
A closeup of Richard Drew Dean on a boat in harbor.
Darrill Gibson, sitting down and facing off-center.
Peter Eckersley's headshot surrounded by a picture frame.
A black and white close up of Michael Murray.
Headshot of Alan Paller, in a dark suit and tie.
Donn B. Parker in a suit and tie, with metal-framed glasses and a conspicuously bald head
Dan Kaminsky wearing a t-shirt that reads Nerds 2^2 Ever, eyes closed in joy
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