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8 Ways to Spot an Insider Threat

The good news is most insider threats derive from negligence, not malicious intent. The bad news is the frequency of negligence is already ahead of where it was in 2018.
A cartoon drawing of two hands typing on a computer laptop
a job candidate filling out an employment application on the laptop.
An eye peering out in a blue tunnel filled with zeros and ones
A sketch of an oversized folder with a lock, and a person turning the giant key.
A person in a suit and black glasses in an office holding a bag and notebooks and having a very sneak expression on the face
cutout of blue people in a line, with a red one jumping for joy
A leg in torn jeans and scruffed up sandals next to a leg in black dress pants and nice black shoes.
A hand putting a USB stick in a pocket
A drawing of a laptop with a picture of fake disguise glasses
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