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Can I Get More Mileage From My Existing Security Tools?

Some points to consider before you break open your wallet.

Question: How do I know whether I can get more mileage from my existing security architecture before deciding to spend on new tools?

Kevin Gosschalk, CEO at Arkose Labs: Start by ensuring your organization doesn't have any easily solved vulnerabilities. This is where things like bug-bounty programs come into play because they are really good at finding the low-hanging fruit.

The goal is to make it more expensive for attackers by moving the attack surface as far out to the perimeter as possible, making it more expensive for attackers to go after your company. Raising the bar of entry requires your firewalls are properly configured and staff are following policies around email and other user behaviors. 

If you're still unsure, consider reaching out to the solution provider to see whether the tools you already have can be leveraged to address problems before investing in new tools. It might just be a matter of proper configuration. I've seen companies that buy three of the same tools on top of each other. Don't let that be you.

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