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Security Pros Reflect on 2020

Eight cybersecurity leaders go deep on their most valuable (and very human) takeaways from a year like no other we've known.


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'Dry' Business Continuity Efforts Were Refreshed

"Before 2020, many security professionals would admit that their business continuity and disaster recovery plan was the driest program. It typically received the least amount of love and attention. After all, it was the type of plan you created for a worst-case scenario. Security and operational professionals would often snuff at the example scenarios they needed to plan for. In comes 2020, and suddenly, that business continuity and disaster recovery plan, even if it wasn't perfect, is suddenly the bell of the ball. Lesson learned: Always provide care and feeding to your company's business continuity and disaster recovery plan. You never know when you are going to need it."
— Kathy Ahuja, VP of Global Compliance and Information Technology, OneLogin