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Security Lessons We've Learned (So Far) from COVID-19

Takeaways about fighting new fires, securely enabling remote workforces, and human nature during difficult times.
The Right Mindset Will Get Us Through the Crisis
Quick Fixes May Cause More Problems
Employees Need to Understand the Risks of Remote Work
Security Is Ultimately About People
Good People Make Things Easier
Lose the Snarky Security Attitude
The Lesson Here Is to Learn a Lesson
You Can Build Trust During a Crisis
This Is Yet Another Opportunity for Criminals
Trusted Technologies May No Longer Hold Up Under New Pressures
Consider Physical Security, Too
Business Continuity Planning Is Still Everything
We Must Better Prepare for the Future

As the crisis surrounding the novel coronavirus COVID 19 continues to spread around the globe, businesses everywhere have little choice but to make changes and put business continuity plans into action (assuming they have one). These pivots are stressing out just about everyone, from frontline workers to internal departments. Of course, this stress is acutely felt by security leaders who are being asked to deploy accommodations both quickly and securely.

On their plates? Defending against cybercriminals who we've already seen in the past few weeks taking advantage of the panic to craft new phishing and malware campaigns. Security leaders are also scrambling to both enable larger-scale work at home arrangements and educate users about the new risks of remote work.

That's just scratching the surface of all that must be done in the security department during this trying time.

The Edge asked security leaders what they have so far learned about securing business in a pandemic.


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