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How Do I Make Sure My Work-From-Home Users Install Updates?

Most enterprise endpoint solutions will support policies to enforce recommended updates.

Question: How do I make sure my work-from-home users install updates?

Kurtis Minder, CEO of GroupSense: For corporate assets, most enterprise endpoint solutions will support policies to enforce the recommended updates for those machines. For users who are working from home from a personal machine, corporate VPN solutions often offer a solution for verifying the configuration of those machines prior to allowing access to the corporate network or application resources. This feature, commonly referred to as "endpoint control" or "endpoint protection," enforces a corporate policy that can include OS update level, endpoint security software (antivirus, endpoint detection and response) installation, and update level. 

Connectivity alternatives to VPN can negate or minimize the need for endpoint policy enforcement. Solutions such as Zscaler's Private Access (ZPA) provides the user with direct access to the desired corporate application without any access to the underlying network components. This limits the exposure and attack surface. Integrated application security in the connectivity solution protects the native application.

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