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Cisco Secure's TK Keanini on Achieving Better Security Outcomes

The latest installment of Edge Chats focuses on how security teams can achieve better security outcomes with an open platform.

Enterprise security IT teams are dealing with interoperability issues that make it difficult for different security technologies from multiple vendors to work together. In the latest Edge Chat, TK Keanini, CTO of Cisco Secure, talks about how platform outcomes can drive security.

When it comes to security, unique is not necessarily a good thing, he says. When a product feature is common across a range of products, the security team has a starting point. Single sign-on is a "great example of a platform outcome," Keanini says, since its value increases the more common the feature is across multiple products.

For security professionals, having to define security policies for each and every point solution in an environment is time-consuming and difficult to manage. Defining policies just once and  replicating them down the line allows security professionals to focus on building out a comprehensive security program rather than getting bogged down in the intricacies of each product.

"Back when we used to do trade shows, I had a customer describe to me that, you know, they're here looking for transportation, and they're getting sold a bunch of car parts," Keanini says.