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9 Cyber Disaster-Recovery Planning Tips for a Disaster-Prone Time

This year has been the ultimate test of business resilience, and if anything is now clear, it's this: It's time for security pros to rewrite their playbooks in preparation for a more dangerous wave of attacks.


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Don't Let Your Guard Down

While all of the preceding suggestions are practical tips in a decidedly impractical time, there is plenty ahead that will require even more adaptations and many on the fly.

"As threat attack surfaces and potential entry points increase … and the disarray of data privacy and security regulatory compliance is marred with clumsy oversight and intervention, the landscape will be continue to be a biblical-times-level of chaotic," says Johanna Baum, CEO and founder of S3 Consulting, a niche consulting company focusing on IAM, eGRC, and security professional services. "But experts are more outspoken now than ever before. The repeat warnings are louder and more committed, and the ability for organizations to deprioritize security initiatives is less palatable for the executive board."