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7 Infamous Moments in Adobe Flash's Security History

End-of-life is here: Adobe's support for Flash is gone as of Jan. 1. Here's what we won't miss about the multimedia software platform.


(Image: Sergey via Adobe Stock

The Day Flash Dies – Maybe

Finally, after all of the security horrors, on Dec. 31, 2020, the end of this pandemic-fueled year of terror will finally, supposedly, see the official end-of-life for Flash. That means Adobe will supposedly not be releasing any more updates – even security updates – for it anymore. The end. Kaput. Final coffin nails nailed that stay nailed.

But is it possible some kind of new, actively exploited zero day found on that day or later be just so horrible that Adobe has to release an out-of-band fix for it? Who knows.

After all, the Flash Zombies are still here, and they likely will continue to use Flash with or without Adobe's support. It's not like a lack of security was a grave marker for them anyway.