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5 Ways to Prove Security's Worth in the Age of COVID-19

Tightened budgets are placing jobs at risk, but security pros say they're armed with ways to demonstrate that what they're doing merits keeping them employed.


Real-World Examples

Educating executive management about current external threats with real-world examples can be a powerful way to drive home the message about the importance of security right now, says Grant McCracken, senior director, program and security operations at Bugcrowd.

“Providing demos and stressing the potential implications to leadership on critical vulnerabilities that have been identified can be a highly powerful tool in substantiating the essentialness of security programs and their role in keeping users and the organization secure,” he says. “Proving one’s worth in security has less to do with a few specific values and more to do with awareness as a whole. You wouldn’t question the essential nature of a TSA agent because you’ve got an idea of what could happen if they weren’t there.”

Image Source: Andrey Popov via Adobe Stock