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10 No-BS Tips for Building a Diverse and Dynamic Security Team

Advice from women and nonbinary security leaders on creating well-rounded security teams, stronger CISO leadership, and a more resilient industry.
Diverse group of business entrepreneur people joining hands together outdoors
Latha Maripuri, CISO at Uber, has long dark hair
Jasmine Henry, field security director at JupiterOne, wears her hair pulled back in a ponytail
Lonye Nicole Ford, co-founder and CEO of Arlo Solutions, has long dark hair worn loose
Dr. Meg Layton, head of security architecture and engineering for Children's National Hospital, has white hair and glasses
Tracy Bannon, senior principal in MITRE's Advanced Software Innovation Center, wears her hair in a short blonde shag
Lisa Hall, CISO of biotech research firm Color, has long blonde hair and a face mask
Rin Oliver, a software engineer at US Bank, has short dark hair and glasses
Joyous Huggins, founder of Defender Academy and Hack Joyously, wears natural curls and glasses
Angela Marafino, product manager for Microsoft, has curly hair and glasses
Rachel Harpley, founder of Recruit Bit Securely, wears her hair in loose blonde waves
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