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Cybersecurity Institute to Open in Saudi Arabia

The Global Cybersecurity Forum branch, which will be in Riyadh, is meant to enable the exchange of ideas and facilitate international projects and partnerships.

An institute branch of the Global Cybersecurity Forum is to be established in Saudi Arabia.

As part of an attempted affirmation of Saudi Arabia's role in the field of cybersecurity, the Institute will aim to strengthen cybersecurity at a global level for Saudi Arabia.

A statement from the Global Cybersecurity Forum said the institute will "be a catalyst for the exchange of ideas, driving thought leadership and developing research to inform policy solutions and action" and facilitate international projects and partnerships to strengthen existing efforts on key initiatives.

Based in Riyadh and ordered by Royal Decree of King Salman, the institute will also enhance global cooperation, economic and social development in the cybersecurity field, and support international efforts related to cybersecurity, according to the notice.

It also noted that the institute will have a directive to be financially and administratively independent, and with full capacity to achieve its goals and manage its affairs under the supervision of its own Board of Trustees.

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