SMobile Systems Launches Security Shield For BlackBerry

Security Shield for Blackberry integrates SMobile Systems' antivirus solution, VirusGuard, with remote lock, wipe, backup and restore functions

December 1, 2008

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, December 1, 2008 - SMobile Systems, the leading provider of security solutions for mobile phones announced that its top-selling Security Shield application is being introduced for Blackberry. Security Shield for Blackberry integrates its anti-virus solution, VirusGuard, with remote lock, wipe, backup and restore functions,

For over three years, SMobile VirusGuard for BlackBerry has been the only antivirus solution protecting BlackBerry devices from malware, spyware and malicious cyber attacks. By coupling this innovative product with remote lock, wipe, backup and restore functions, small businesses and consumers finally have access to remote security functionality previously only available to users supported by large enterprise IT departments with a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). For millions of Blackberry users without the benefit of a BES, sensitive data such as e-mail, contact lists and scheduling are now safer thanks to SMobile Systems. "We all know someone who has left their phone at a restaurant or in a taxi, and as a result has lost everything from important contact information to confidential personal or professional data," said Neil Book, president, SMobile Systems. "Large corporations are backing up data regularly and IT managers have the option to lock or wipe the contents of a missing device, but individuals and small or medium businesses have gone without the protection of these features until now."

After downloading the software from the Internet, the user is prompted to register their Blackberry device by including an email address and password. Once registered, they can manage their device from anywhere in the world thru a Web-based control panel. If the Blackberry should go missing, the user can issue a lock and backup command to ensure the device is not only protected, but that their personal data is saved and emailed to them. If there is no hope of quickly recovering the phone, the user can erase the sensitive data on the device by issuing the wipe command. If the device is retrieved or replace, the user may restore the data using the Web-based control panel. "A Blackberry puts the processing power and storage capacity of a computer in the palm of your hand. This convenience is what makes it attractive to many users." said Daniel V. Hoffman, chief technology officer, SMobile Systems. "This small size is also what makes it susceptible to loss or theft. Security Shield offers users extra peace of mind that the data on their device is secured in the event that it is lost or stolen, while still protecting the device from the ever-increasing threat of mobile Spyware, Trojans and Viruses."

In the coming weeks, SMobile will also begin offering remote lock, wipe, backup and restore functions for the Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android platforms. Parental controls will also be available allowing parents to closely monitor their child's mobile phone use. Their calls, messaging and online activities will be accessible to protect them against exploitation and misconduct. Currently, Security Shield for Blackberry is available to consumers for immediate purchase at and For questions regarding enterprise licenses, please contact Kevin Thomas at [email protected] .

About SMobile SMobile, Inc. has created the first and only complete line of products and services that securely protect mobile phones and the global wireless infrastructure from hackers, viruses, data compromise, unauthorized data theft and the effects of lost or stolen devices. The company's security applications include virus and malware detection, text message and data filtering, prevention of unwanted messages from interrupting the user, spam blocking, enterprise management, protection for mobile professionals from harmful data on open networks and data security and password-protection for content and files. SMobile is headquartered in Columbus, OH with facilities in Fort Lee, N.J., Dortmund, Germany, and Pune, India. The company is privately held.

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