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Audits: The Missing Layer in Cybersecurity
Brennan P. Baybeck, CISA, CISM, CRISC, CISSP, Vice Chair of ISACA Board of DirectorsCommentary
Involving the audit team ensures that technology solutions are not just sitting on the shelf or being underutilized to strategically address security risks.
By Brennan P. Baybeck CISA, CISM, CRISC, CISSP, Vice Chair of ISACA Board of Directors, 10/18/2018
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6 Reasons Why Employees Violate Security Policies
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading
Get into their heads to find out why they're flouting your corporate cybersecurity rules.
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, Dark Reading, 10/16/2018
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GDPR Report Card: Some Early Gains but More Work Ahead
Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArcCommentary
US companies paid the most, to date, to meet the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, according to a recent study, but UK companies made greater progress in achieving compliance goals.
By Chris Babel CEO, TrustArc, 10/4/2018
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How Data Security Improves When You Engage Employees in the Process
Robert E. Crossler, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, Washington State UniversityCommentary
When it comes to protecting information, we can all do better. But encouraging a can-do attitude goes a long way toward discouraging users' risky behaviors.
By Robert E. Crossler Assistant Professor of Information Systems, Washington State University, 9/28/2018
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A 'Cyber Resilience' Report Card for the Public Sector
Ger Daly, Managing Director, Accenture Defense & Public SafetyCommentary
Government agencies are making great strides in defending themselves against cyberattacks, according to new research from Accenture. But technology alone won't solve the problem.
By Ger Daly Managing Director, Accenture Defense & Public Safety, 9/26/2018
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Payment Security Compliance Takes a Turn for the Worse
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
This is the first time in six years that Verizon's "Payment Security Report" shows a downward trend, leaving cardholders vulnerable.
By Dark Reading Staff , 9/25/2018
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The Top 5 Security Threats & Mitigations for Industrial Networks
Barak Perelman, CEO, IndegyCommentary
While vastly different than their IT counterparts, operational technology environments share common risks and best practices.
By Barak Perelman CEO, Indegy, 9/18/2018
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The Role of Incident Response in ICS Security Compliance
John Moran, Senior Product Manager, DFLabsCommentary
The data-driven nature of IR can provide many of the reporting requirements governing industrial control system safety, finance, consumer privacy, and notifications.
By John Moran Senior Product Manager, DFLabs, 9/7/2018
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Polish Parliament Enacts National Cybersecurity System
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
The system classifies security incidents and splits national incident response into three separate teams.
By Dark Reading Staff , 8/28/2018
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The GDPR Ripple Effect
Tim Critchley, CEO at SemafoneCommentary
Will we ever see a truly global data security and privacy mandate?
By Tim Critchley CEO at Semafone, 8/23/2018
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How to Gauge the Effectiveness of Security Awareness Programs
Ira Winkler, CISSP, President, Secure MentemCommentary
If you spend $10,000 on an awareness program and expect it to completely stop tens of millions of dollars in losses, you are a fool. If $10,000 prevents $100,000 in loss, that's a 10-fold ROI.
By Ira Winkler CISSP, President, Secure Mentem, 8/21/2018
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Proving ROI: How a Security Road Map Can Sway the C-Suite
Jo-Ann Smith, Director of Technology Risk Management and Data Privacy at  AbsoluteCommentary
When executives are constantly trying to cut the fat, CISOs need to develop a flexible structure to improve baseline assessments and target goals, tactics, and capabilities. Here's how.
By Jo-Ann Smith Director of Technology Risk Management and Data Privacy at Absolute, 8/21/2018
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The Uncertain Fate of WHOIS, & Other Matters of Internet Accountability
Dark Reading Staff, CommentaryVideo
Paul Vixie discusses the uncertain fate of WHOIS in the age of GDPR, the risks of domain name homographs, and other underpinnings of the Internet that are hard to trust and harder to fix.
By Dark Reading Staff , 8/20/2018
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How GDPR Could Turn Privileged Insiders into Bribery Targets
Mark Coates, VP, EMEA, Dtex SystemsCommentary
Regulatory penalties that exceed the cost of an extortion payout may lead to a new form of ransomware. These four steps can keep you from falling into that trap.
By Mark Coates VP, EMEA, Dtex Systems, 8/2/2018
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White House Email Security Faux Pas?
E.J. Whaley, Solutions Engineer at GreatHornCommentary
The Executive Office of the President isn't complying with the DMARC protocol, but that has fewer implications than some headlines would suggest.
By E.J. Whaley Solutions Engineer at GreatHorn, 6/22/2018
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In Pursuit of Cryptography's Holy Grail
Ellison Anne Williams, Founder and CEO of EnveilCommentary
Homomorphic encryption eliminates the need for data exposure at any point something that certainly would be welcome these days.
By Ellison Anne Williams Founder and CEO of Enveil, 6/7/2018
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6 Ways Third Parties Can Trip Up Your Security
Jai Vijayan, Freelance writer
Poor access control, inadequate patch management, and non-existent DR practices are just some of the ways a third party can cause problems
By Jai Vijayan Freelance writer, 5/29/2018
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GDPR Oddsmakers: Who, Where, When Will Enforcement Hit First?
Sara Peters, Senior Editor at Dark ReadingNews
The GDPR grace period ends today. Experts take their best guesses on when data protection authorities will strike - and what kind of organizations will be first to feel the sting of the EU privacy law.
By Sara Peters Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 5/25/2018
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GDPR, WHOIS & the Impact on Merchant Risk Security Monitoring
Ron Teicher, CEO & Founder, EverCompliantCommentary
The EU's General Data Protection Regulation will make it harder for law enforcement, forensic investigators, and others to track down everything from credit card fraud to child porn rings.
By Ron Teicher CEO & Founder, EverCompliant, 5/24/2018
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A Data Protection Officer's Guide to the Post-GDPR Deadline Reality
Jen Brown, Compliance and Data Protection Officer at Sumo LogicCommentary
The EU's General Data Protection Regulation deadline is here -- now what? These four tips can help guide your next steps.
By Jen Brown Compliance and Data Protection Officer at Sumo Logic, 5/24/2018
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tp4a TELEPORT 3.1.0 allows XSS via the login page because a crafted username is mishandled when an administrator later views the system log.
PUBLISHED: 2018-11-15
Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT) in processors can enable local users to exploit software vulnerable to timing attacks via a side-channel timing attack on 'port contention'.
PUBLISHED: 2018-11-15
The Bluetooth subsystem on Polycom Trio devices with software before 5.5.4 has Incorrect Access Control. An attacker can connect without authentication and subsequently record audio from the device microphone.
PUBLISHED: 2018-11-15
The Web administration console on Polycom Trio devices with software before 5.5.4 has XSS.
PUBLISHED: 2018-11-15
Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager before 3.14 allows XSS.