What CISOs Should Know About Quantum Computing

As quantum computing approaches real-world viability, it also poses a huge threat to today's encryption measures.
Quantum computing could break encryption as we know it
What is quantum computing?
Chasing quantum supremacy
How quantum supremacy threatens today's cryptographic measures
There's some awareness about the threat...
...but no action from CISOs to meet the problem yet
Breakthroughs are accelerating
Good News: Quantum-safe encryption is already a thing
Bad News: It'll take a long time to adopt quantum-resistant encryption
The Race Gun Has Already Gone Off

Quantum computing is quickly moving from the theoretical world to reality. Last week Google researchers revealed a new quantum computing processor that the company says may beat the best benchmark in computing power set by today's most advanced supercomputers.

That's bad news for CISOs because most experts agree that once quantum computing advances far enough and spreads wide enough, today's encryption measures are toast. General consensus is that within about a decade, quantum computers will be able to brute-force public key encryption as it is designed today.

Here are some key things to know and consider about this next generation of computing and its ultimate impact on security.


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