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US Seeks To Intervene In Case Against Privacy Shield

Digital Rights Ireland has challenged the data transfer pact raising questions of its ability to protect EU privacy.

US has filed to be an intervening party in an ongoing litigation by Irish privacy campaign group Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) against Privacy Shield, a pact which seeks to protect transcontinental data transfer of EU citizens' data, The Irish Times reports. In October, DRI appealed before the second highest EU court challenging the validity of this pact, saying it does not provide adequate protection to EU citizens.

France, the UK, and the Netherlands have also applied to join the case, as have Microsoft and the Business Software Alliance.

The court will submit the DRI appeal only after a hearing on a European Commission application questioning the validity of the group’s challenge.

Privacy Shield replaced Safe Harbor as a transatlantic data transfer pact between EU and the US after an EU court struck the latter down in 2015 on questions raised about its privacy protection.

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