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Safeguard Cyber Adds Advanced Malware Protection To Its Enterprise Platform

New Capability Provides Improved Threat Visibility Across Social Platforms, Advanced Defense, and Extended Protection

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., (June 30, 2020)—SafeGuard Cyber, the only SaaS platform dedicated to managing the full lifecycle of digital risk protection driving digital communications, today announced the release of new capabilities within its flagship collaboration, chat, and social media security platform. SafeGuard 7.6 now performs threat analysis on managed social and digital accounts to detect and remediate malware, including zero day exploits and associated messaging, file attachments, and links that are shared on these channels. 

Rapid adoption of social collaboration channels, coupled with the quick migration to work-from-home during the COVID pandemic, has created a broad attack surface with huge risk exposure. Social, mobile chat & digital channels are subject to malware-based attacks, such as spear-phishing, ransomware, and APT cyber-espionage attacks, and are proving to be a more vulnerable attack vector compared to email. The fact that these vulnerabilities have captured the attention of cybercriminals and nation-state actors has created a ‘perfect storm’ for which immediate preventative countermeasures are needed. 

SafeGuard Cyber is the only solution proven to systematically secure a comprehensive set of social, mobile chat, and digital collaboration channels against malware attacks. This addition to the platform automatically scans file attachments and links for malware and zero-day exploits. Sandboxing features force execution of all possible malware code paths without exposing the enterprise to risk, thus increasing the probability of detecting and stopping evasive zero-day attacks.

The benefits of threat analysis within SafeGuard Cyber 7.6 include: 

  1. Improved visibility. Threat activity occurring within messaging across 50+ social and digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn; mobile apps like WhatsApp, and collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. 

  2. Advanced Defense. SafeGuard Cyber takes immediate action to quarantine files and links associated with malware indicators of compromise and stop these attacks before they can spread to other accounts or propagate to physical endpoints. 

  3. Extended Protection. SafeGuard Cyber 7.6 improves the security posture of the enterprise by extending digital risk protection and alert notifications on malware attacks to EDRs, SIEMs, SOCs for attack correlation and comprehensive threat response.

“In just a few short months the world flipped on its axis, forcing organizations globally to rethink their entire digital security posture amidst the abrupt shift to remote work, which has unfortunately opened a Pandora’s Box of new cyber threats from malicious and state actors,” stated Otavio Freire, Co-Founder & CTO of SafeGuard Cyber. “We’re proud to be able to help our customers enable business continuity in this ‘new normal’, while fortifying these growing digital collaboration and social channels against malware, ransomware and other threats.”

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SafeGuard Cyber is a Charlottesville, Virginia-based company with a cloud-based platform that empowers organizations to use social media and digital channels securely, compliantly, and at the scale of global business. With coverage across more than 50 channels, SafeGuard Cyber helps security, compliance, and marketing teams work better together to drive business forward. For more information, visit


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