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New Vaultree Encryption-as-a-Service Keeps Cloud Data Fully Encrypted

Encryption startup Vaultree aims to give companies the ability to work with fully encrypted data in the cloud.

Encryption startup Vaultree launched encryption-as-a-service to enable organizations to work with encrypted data in any kind of cloud environment, database, or software-as-a-service tool.

Organizations embrace cloud platforms because of the improvements in performance and cost, but they are still under pressure to make sure the data is protected from attacks and accidental exposures. Industry standards and federal regulations require data protection schemes which restrict access to sensitive data, but existing encryption technologies can be cumbersome to manage in cloud environments.

Vaultree's end-to-end encryption technology allows companies in highly regulated industries to work with fully encrypted cloud data at scale without compromising on performance, the company says. Audit logs and access management are included, and the service can be used across multiple platforms.

Because the encryption is provided as a service, neither Vaultree or the cloud provider ever see the encryption keys, leaving companies with full control. The data stays fully encrypted, even while being used, store, or shared, the company says. Audit logs and access management are included.

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