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Mexican Voter Database Exposed

Unsecured database leads to 'leak' of private information of 87 million Mexican voters.

A security researcher this month discovered online an unsecured database containing sensitive information on 87 million Mexican voters that was hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Chris Vickery of software firm MacKeeper on April 14 came across the exposed information, which required no authentication to access, according to reports. This is not the first incident of its kind: in December of last year, Vickery reportedly discovered data of 191 million American voters on the Web, and more recently, details of 70 million voters in the Philippines were found accessible online.

Vickery raised concern over the leaks, telling BBC the open access to the data could be abused by scammers. Following his discovery, Vickery alerted Mexican authorities. The information was immediately removed from Amazon’s cloud servers and an internal probe launched.

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