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Google, Facebook, Twitter, Petition Congress To Support ICANN Transition

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and other tech companies ask Congress to not oppose the scheduled October 1 transfer of Internet control to global community.

Several tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, CloudFlare, and Twitter, have written to the US Congress asking it to allow technical control of the Internet to transition from the US government to the global community on October 1, according to a Reuters report. Some Republican members of Congress are opposed to the scheduled move, in which the US will relinquish its oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

"A global, interoperable and stable Internet is essential for our economic and national security, and we remain committed to completing the nearly twenty year transition to the multi stakeholder model that will best serve U.S. interests," the petitioners said.

Senator Ted Cruz will head a congressional hearing today to discuss the handover, in which opponents fear will threaten Internet freedom and give undue power to dictatorial governments.

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