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Global Businesses Ask China To Revise Draft Cyber Rules

Security may weaken, economic growth hampered, if draft made into law, say 46 businesses in letter to Li Keqiang.

Around 46 global business groups have written a letter to the Chinese Premier asking for revision of the country’s draft cyber rules amid concerns that the policy “would weaken security and separate China from the global digital economy," reports Reuters.

The petitioners said the draft’s requirement that business data to be kept in the country "would impede economic growth and create barriers to entry for both foreign and Chinese companies."

China wants greater internet restrictions and believes sites like Google and Facebook should be blocked in the face of growing terrorism. The draft also allows the government to carry out security review as per its discretion.

In June, the Chinese Parliament held a second of three readings of the draft which may impose strict censorship if made into law. The third reading may take place later this year.

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