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Foresight Launches Defacement Mitigator for Cyber-Security Protection

Solution Rapidly Addresses Online "Hacktivism"

LONDON April 29, 2014 Foresight today released Defacement Mitigator, the first cloud-based web security solution that provides full defacement mitigation and protection to government, academic, religious, financial services, and other organizations targeted by cyber hacktivists. Foresight made the announcement from the Info Security Europe 2014 conference, where the Company is demonstrating the unique approach and benefits of their cloud-based web security products at Stand O90.

According to cyber security news website, more than 150,000 defacement attacks took place March 2014 alone, damaging the reputations of organizations worldwide. Website defacement, an attack on a website that changes the visual appearance of the site or a web page, is typically the work of hackers who break into a web server and replace the hosted site with one of their own.  A form of virtual graffiti, defacement is often executed by cyber protesters or "hacktivists" and results in lost site traffic, visitor confusion and website downtime as IT security teams mitigate the attack. 

Foresight has proven success working with dozens of academic institutions, government bodies, retailers, banks, and other organizations with strict security standards.  The Weizmann Institute of Science, home of several Nobel Prize winners and one of the world's leading multidisciplinary research institutions, has been using Foresight's Defacement Mitigator product with great success. The solution mapped The Weizmann's website, replicated it to the cloud, and was fully up and running in under three days. 

"The Weizmann Institute's website was hit by another attack shortly after Foresight was up.  Our site manager pressed a button to change the DNS and the site was automatically redirected to the cloud replica. At that point, traffic and visitors were directed to the replica versus the defaced site, which performed at optimal levels given its cloud elasticity," explained Netanal Otni, Head of IT Infrastructure for The Weizmann.  "After seeing the success of Defacement Mitigator, we have upgraded to Foresight's complete web security platform; a next-generation solution that provides us with complete protection and prevention of all types of malicious cyber-attacks, both known and unknown."

The Defacement Mitigator product is available today as a managed service (SaaS) and sold as a stand-alone product or as part of Foresight's cloud-based web security platform. Pricing is based on the number of domains and user traffic.  Contact us for a free trial.

The cloud-based Foresight website security solution raises the bar in cyber security.  Automated dynamic whitelisting and Secure Front End architecture minimize the attack surface and eliminate the maintenance of thousands of Whitelist rules.  The solution enables enhanced security at a significantly lower TCO.   

Foresight ensures zero downtime, even while new features are being added, application changes are implemented, vulnerabilities are mitigated (including the Heartbleed flaw), or a website is under attack. Even the most complex websites can be protected in fewer than three days. See how it works at

About Foresight

Foresight is a cloud-based web security platform that protects websites against malicious cyber attacks of all types.  Foresight's next-generation solution comprehensively enables enterprise-level security with minimal operations and maintenance.  Dozens of mid-to-large size organizations in the retail, financial services, government, and other sectors, have already leveraged Foresight to enable enterprise-level security with maximum system performance and minimum maintenance, at all times. Founded in 2011 and funded by Magma Venture Partners and Cedar Fund, Foresight has offices in Boston, London and Israel. Visit or follow us on Twitter @ForesightWSP  


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