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Fastly to Acquire Signal Sciences for $775M

Signal Sciences' technology will be used to build a new web application and API security tool called Secure@Edge.

Cloud services provider Fastly has confirmed plans to acquire Signal Sciences, a web application and API protection company, for $775 million.

California-based Signal Sciences was founded in 2014 and has raised $61.7 million in funding, Crunchbase reports. Its web application security platform was built to protect critical apps, microservices, and APIs, regardless of architecture and infrastructure. The tool covers bot management, account takeover protection, API protection, runtime self-application protection, rate limiting, and web application firewall.

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Fastly plans to use this technology and combine it with its existing products to create a new security tool called Secure@Edge. It says this will be a unified web application and API security platform that will integrate with its Compute@Edge platform and give developers more control over security of their code, and greater visibility and agility, as applications move to the edge.

"We understand the responsibility we have to help not just our customers, but our customers' customers," Fastly writes in a blog post on the acquisition. "We have long envisioned a single security solution that protected web applications and web APIs at the edge, closer to users and out of the datacenter."

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