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DDoS Attack On Aussie Swimming Site Linked To Horton-Sun Yang Feud

Cyberattack soon after Australian swimmer accuses Chinese rival of being a ‘drug cheat.'

Australia’s official website for swimming has been hit by a distrubted denial of service (DDoS) attack blamed on Chinese hackers because of the feud between Australian swimmer Mack Horton and his Chinese competitor Sun Yang, reports Time.

Horton had called Sun a “drug cheat” just before the two competed in the 400m freestyle event at the ongoing Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Horton, who went on to win the gold and Sun the silver, came under heavy fire from Chinese officials and fans for his comment.

Sun was earlier banned for three months after he tested positive for a recently banned substance, which he took for a heart condition.

The website continues to be under siege, but is operational, with incoming requests being checked out, says Time.

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